Bay Area, CA

Illustrator and 3D generalist who digs visual storytelling, with a concentration in Visual Development and Previsualization.

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I create because I have always been compelled to tell stories, and am fascinated with the craft of art. I thrive on bringing to life places and people that only previously existed in my head, and I like to help others bring their stories into the world, too.

My artistic interests and pursuits are varied, from my love of film and cinematography, to my interest in other sequential arts such as storyboarding and comics. I paint, I sculpt, I animate, I 3D model. I observe and I study, and I am always eager to learn more.

I have a deep respect for the classical masters and artistic traditions of illustration and animation, but I am also excited by the possibilities that technology has to offer creative endeavors.

When not absorbed in art of some sort or another, I can be found critiquing books and movies with my husband, exploring new places, training my eventing pony, and teaching my dogs to sit.


Visual Development Previsualization Illustration


Photoshop Maya ZBrush TVPaint Illustrator FCP Premiere Shake Gouache Acrylics Premiere Adobe Creative Suite After Effects Watercolor Casein Brow Arching Nuke